Sofia Deluxe: The Girl With a Deluxe Body

“I was the girl with the largest breasts when I was growing up, and I still am the girl with the biggest breasts where I live,” Sofia Deluxe said when we first met her. “I am very proud of my fun bags.” One of the busty and Rubenesque Columbian stars XLGirls began photographing during our first visits to South America, Sofia Deluxe returns to the big show. Sofia’s looking as lovely as ever, still loves to show off her curves and big fun bags on-camera and enjoys making guys horny when they look at her. “When I put on tight dresses, do my makeup and go dancing, I feel like a sexy goddess. I feel very sexy when I am on the dance floor and when I make love and look at myself in a mirror.”

Models Featured: Sofia Deluxe

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