Kai Turner’s Glad To Be Bad

Her big boobs creating a sexy cleavage shelf, Kai Turner is admiring herself in a mirror. When she enters the bedroom to share the sight of her curvy self with Berry McCockiner, Kai finds him absorbed in a television show. She’ll have to induce him to let go of the remote control and take hold her of her sweet fun bags, for starters. That’s easy for a girl like Kai. XLGirls: So this scene begins with you checking yourself out in a mirror before showing off to Berry. When you go out, do you dress to emphasize your breasts? What do you wear to draw attention? Kai Turner: I like emphasizing my boobs. I usually wear a top with lots of boob spillage on a normal day or a mini-dress when I’m going out at night and I wanna be the center of attention. XLGirls: So you get a lot of attention because of your chest. Kai Turner: I do get a lot of attention and it makes me feel super sexy, even more when men come up to me and buy me drinks and talk to me. I purposely bounce them in their face ’cause I like to see their reaction when I do it. XLGirls: Do you always wear a bra? Kai Turner: I don’t always wear a bra. When I don’t is when I’m at home or doing a quick trip outside, like grocery shopping. When I do it is when I’m going to an event and I know my nipples are gonna poke out at some point. XLGirls: What kinds of bras do you buy? Kai Turner: Lace when I wanna be fancy. Lately, I’ve preferred T-shirt bras since they make my boobs feel more comfortable. I do get fitted every few months, especially in the last two years since they are getting bigger.

Models Featured: Kai Turner,Berry McCockiner

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