Rae Day

Sarah Rae destroys, demolishes, obliterates a 38J-cup bra, and it’s made us happy folks here at XLGirls. Just watching Sarah use her arms to squeeze her incredible fun bags together in the opening of this video and watching her miracle cleavage mounds rise is enough to drive any tit-man crazy. “Guys want me to take them out of my top and play with them. I take them out and bounce them. I can do it synchronized and I can swing them and bounce them without even bouncing my body. I have muscles that can do it: my chest muscles. I think I’m very talented. “I can do hands-free nipple sucking, too. I can do one easily, and I’m working on doing both at once. The best technique for that is to suck hard. I like to start sucking a little bit before the nipple. It helps me balance the weight.”

Models Featured: Sarah Rae

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