Nikki Busty’s Anal Pleasure

Lingerie-clad Nikki Busty is eager and hot for a big cock in her mouth, pussy and especially in her butt. She calls on Peter Fitzwell to take her butthole and give it to her hard and strong in her back door. Some thick, big-tit girls need big dicks, and Nikki is one of them. Nikki kneels on the bed, mouth open. Peter stands by the bed. She takes his dick in her hand to suck boner and lick nuts. She gets on her back so Peter can squeeze her huge, soft fun bags with his fuck stick in the middle and fuck her breasts. She flicks her tongue out to lick the tip of his ramrod when it reaches her face. Peter examines Nikki’s asshole with a finger. He takes her from the side and drills her butt, only stopping to maneuver Nikki into a new position. “I love anal sex,” Nikki told us. “I always have. I first tried anal sex shortly after losing my virginity. It was one of the first things I wanted to try. I prefer anal sex to vaginal. I love the pain of my butt being stretched open.”

Models Featured: Nikki Busty,Peter Fitzwell

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