Mya Blair Goes Shopping

Are you ready for Mya Blair in a horny guy-girl scene? At a quiet ladies’ shoe store, Mya is attended to by Brick. He’s more into Mya’s amazing tits than her nice feet even though he’s a shoe salesman, guys who are apt to be foot freaks. Brick eyes Mya’s righteous rack, her big tits spilling out of her extremely open top. She has the magic of instantly turning on a guy. Mya’s charmed by his nervous excitation and must reward him with her body and hot moves. We talked to Mya about this scene. XLGirls: How did you prepare for your scene with Brick? Mya: I talked with him to feel a little more comfortable with him. XLGirls: You mentioned you were nervous before you came here. How did you feel once you arrived and did your first solo? Mya: The solo was actually a lot harder than the partner scenes, in my opinion. Once I got here though, everyone made me feel very relaxed. It felt almost second nature. XLGirls: This scene takes place in a shoe store. Are you a high heels girl back home? Mya: Oh, I love heels. It’s one of my weaknesses. XLGirls: So in everyday life, do male clerks in stores get flustered when they see you? How do you react to that? Mya: I don’t shop much but I can’t recall anyone getting flustered, although the staring is pretty common. Usually I just go about my business as I don’t notice unless they are cute. Then I use it as a way to flirt with them.

Models Featured: Mya Blair,Brick Danger

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