Mia Sweetheart Cums Over to Cum

Mia Sweetheart put on one of her many tight, sexy dresses because she was going to go out with her girlfriends and have some fun. But you called and asked her to come over. You’re not taking Mia out anywhere. You’re going to spend the evening in the bedroom with her. Mia can cum as many times as she wants. “If I click well with the guy, sex on the first date is always possible. Life is too short not to enjoy the best things in life,” Mia said. “A good way to interest me is a sense of humor and beautiful eyes. If he makes me laugh, he is halfway there. He must be smart and have good manners. “Now a girl can get away with a lot of things if she puts on an innocent puppy face, and a great big cleavage always helps.” Mia has both of these gifts.

Models Featured: Mia Sweetheart

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