Liza Biggs: No Bikini Top Can Hold Those Whoppers

Liza Biggs really wipes out that bikini. Liza is a beachgoer so imagine the crowds she must attract. The lifeguards must need to form a human barricade. Liza used to be a flight attendant for an airline. Try to picture that. It’s the only way to fly. Squeezing past her in the aisle would produce major erections. However, Liza was meant for better things than serving refreshments and making those stewardess hand gestures about exits and seat belts at the start of the flight. After dipping into the hot tub, Liza gets out and oils her extraordinary body and massive 36JJJ-cup boobs. (That’s triple-J.) This is an amazing sight to see as her hands roam her big tits and pat her pussy. After drying off, Liza goes inside, gets comfy on the couch and spanks one out. This is what we call a real in-flight movie. When we asked Liza if she had any special talents, she said, “I can suck my own nipples.” That’s an excellent talent to have at XLGirls.

Models Featured: Liza Biggs

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