Leona Loba: Do Wives Masturbate When Hubby’s Not Home?

Do wives masturbate when hubby’s not home? If the wives are like Leona Loba, they do. “I have several drawers full of dildos and clit stimulators,” Leona told us. “But I really love shoving household items inside me, like golf clubs, cooking utensils, golf balls and remotes.” It must be interesting to watch Leona change channels on her television. When Leona slaps, pumps and pets her mommy pussy in her bedroom (she has three kids), she thinks about sex or getting pounded by a group of strangers taking turns. Leona thinks a lot about sucking dick and draining balls. “I swallow cum. I love it. I like to put on a show for the fuck stick I’m blowing. I’ll let his cum drip out of my mouth and on my boobs then massage it all in… I’ll play with it and then lick it all back up again.” Leona is not your average housewife.

Models Featured: Leona Loba

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