Landlord takes sex as payment

Many people have problems with paying their rent from time and to time and Sheril is not an exception. Well, usually she copes with her payments easily but this month she lacks for money. She is an honest girl and tells the landlord she can’t pay him right away but will do that as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the landlord is a brutal man who doesn’t want to wait but who has a kinky mind that gives him a more pleasant way out of this tricky situation. First, Sheril feels shocked but the landlord convinces her this is the best option cause she will get rid of her debt and will get a couple of orgasms at the same time. Luckily, Sheril agrees with his idea and soon kneels to unzip his jeans and give him a deep blowjob. Oral sex is good but it’s not enough for the kinky landlord, so he tells Sheril she needs to open her pussy and even take a cumload all over her face if she wants to get rid of the debt totally.

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