Kama gets busted with a toy and fucks her mom’s boyfriend

You guys recently saw schoolgirl Kama get in trouble for being a bad girl. She got detention! But being the bad girl that she is, she used the opportunity to strip naked and masturbate while thinking about her hot teacher. This time the precocious teen is in over her head. She’s home alone (or so she thought) when she remembers that her mom has a big dildo, and Kama wants to take it for a spin. Once she’s in mom’s bed, she grabs ahold of that big toy and admires it. It’s huge! She wonders how something that big can fit in a tight pussy. The idea intrigues her, but before she can drop her panties, her mom’s boyfriend walks in! “That’s not yours,” he says admonishingly. Luckily, the much-older guy has something else Kama can play with. She grabs at his crotch nervously, but her resolve steels when she unleashes his big shlong. She needs that inside her tight, teenage holes ASAP.

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