Juliana Rodriguez: Faster, Deeper, Harder

Juliana Rodriguez is getting annoyed. John Long’s been hunkered down with books for several days and he’s ignoring her. His head is buried in his books when it should be buried in Juliana’s deep cleavage and between her legs. Juliana has had enough. She’s bought a new tight dress that hugs her curves like plastic wrap. That better work or she’ll just have to jump on him and take what she wants. Juliana walks into the bedroom where John is studying, as usual, and flaunts her shapely body and huge breasts. That gets the desired reaction within seconds. John lowers her dress and sucks on her nipples. Juliana’s tits weigh heavily on his hands and her voluptuous body has more curves than a mountain road. Juliana wants to finally do some sucking of her own after several days of not getting anything. She gives John’s long cock a lusty, sloppy blow job and lies back so he can fuck her massive tits. She sucks the tip of his cock while he’s tit-fucking her. John finally buries his head between Juliana’s thighs and licks her pussy. Wet and ready to fuck after being denied shlong for several days, Juliana gets on his pole in reverse cowgirl and then in cowgirl. She gets face down ass up so she can get dicked from behind, and as he pounds her fast and hard, she twerks her butt cheeks. It looks like Juliana’s not annoyed with him anymore.

Models Featured: Juliana Rodriguez,John Long

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