Juliana Rodriguez Can’t Wait to Cum

Juliana Rodriguez gets the party started. She’s not going to wait when she wants to cum. What Juliana wants, Juliana gets. XLGirls: What are your sexual fantasies? Juliana Rodriguez: I want to do double penetration. I think it’s so hot, and watching it turns me on. XLGirls: You’d be great at DP. We can tell. You seem sexually assertive. Are you? Juliana Rodriguez: I’m passive. XLGirls: What satisfies you most? Juliana Rodriguez: Toys and penetration at the same time. XLGirls: We’re assuming you get a lot of attention when you go out. Juliana Rodriguez: At first I used to get very shy and cover up. Now I embrace it. I love the attention.

Models Featured: Juliana Rodriguez

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