Jade is a petite Asian who wants to try a big older dick in her tight, peach-fuzzed slit.

Wow! You’re so small, Jade. How tall are you? “I tell everyone that I’m 5’2″, but I’m a little shorter than that. I also only weigh, like, 90 pounds, so I’m pretty petite. My first boyfriend called me a munchkin. When we first started dating and fooling around, his dick scared me. It was so big! The most I had ever fit into my pussy was my middle finger, and it felt super tight. I thought his cock would tear me up! When we finally decided to go all the way, I was pleasantly surprised. It hurt at first, but then it started feeling amazing.” So you spent your high school years fucking? Did you have time to play any sports or engage in clubs? “High school was very fun for me. But I didn’t have sex until pretty late. Well…I didn’t have sex with a boy until later. I hooked up with a couple of my girlfriends. I’m bi. Other than experimenting with girls in high school, I was really involved with the student body, and I was in the chamber orchestra and was vice president of my class in my Junior year. I was busy!

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