From pillow fight to hard sex

Queenlin and her boyfriend spend the evening at home. She wants to cuddle in bed but the dude chooses to read his favorite book. Queenlin tries to make the dude pay attention to her but fails. Finally, she throws a pillow at him and that makes the dude put away the book at last. He turns around pretty angry with a desire to throw a pillow back at her but then he chooses to do something more satisfying. So, he comes up to Queenlin, hugs her and gives her a long kiss, and makes her lie down so he could kiss her wet pussy. In return, Queenlin takes his cock deep into her throat and that gives him a strong hard-on. Queenlin feels a huge desire to help him and jumps right on his erected cock to ride it in a cowgirl position. Playful babe moves her hips up and down till the dude cums right into her pulsating pussy.

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