Flat Teen Brunette Violet Rain Gets Fucked in the Air and Facialized

Violet is a teen-lover’s dream. Her doe eyes, small tits and tiny body are perfect for ball-draining fuck sessions. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the evidence, seen here. “I was a prude back in the day, but that’s not me anymore,” she told us. “Now I’ll do just about anything. “I fucked your stud the same way I fuck in real life. I love putting on a show, and that’s true even if I’m only performing for the guy I’m with. I’m a perfectionist, so I figure I might as well give my all every time I screw. I always like to do at least three positions, and I like telling guys that they can cum wherever they want. “Your stud was awesome! I’m so glad I’m doing porn now because I can only fuck guys who know what they’re doing. I had a streak of boyfriends and hookups who busted in under a minute. That’s fucking weak! I need at least fifteen minutes of penetration if I’m going to cum, and if I’m not going to cum, what’s the point of fucking?”

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