Felicia Clover’s Big Boobs & Booty Rubdown

Felicia Clover’s masseur, Carlos, thinks that Felicia looks better with no shorts on her juicy ass as he massages her thick hot buns with oil and then goes to work on the rest of her curvy body. His hands massage her big, creamy fun bags, kneading and rubbing the fleshy orbs of pleasure. Felicia came in for a massage but she’s ready for a hot fuck on the table right then and there. He licks her pussy and feeds the sexy redhead his hard fuck stick. “You know, a guy called me a Whooty and I had to Google it, and it means ‘a white girl with a big booty,'” super-sexy Felicia said. “So, I guess I am a Whooty. I think that my butt looks good in almost anything I put on, but boy shorts are very comfortable.” She laps the shlong hungrily as he pulls her head in close, spanks her butt and fucks her mouth. He mutters for her to turn around and get on her back so he can plug her fresh pussy. She is completely under his control. “I like missionary because the leverage is better for guys I think,” Felicia says, and her facial expressions and hip actions are the proof. “You know…in missionary with my legs in the air, and that way a guy can just pound me nice and hard. I love that.” They need more room to fuck in different positions than the narrow table can provide so he pulls the couch over, sets Felicia on it and resumes ramming her hard. At one point, he drills her so hard and so fast while she sucks on his thumb that the couch makes a rattling sound like a machine gun. He makes sure that he gives Felicia Clover a sexing she won’t forget too quickly.

Models Featured: Felicia Clover,Carlos Rios

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