Blonde student Skylar strips out of sheer blue underwear and puts on a masturbation show in the classroom.

“My parents just moved our whole family to California,” Skylar lamented. “I mean, Cali is cool, and I love going to the beach and that I get to wear bikini tops, like, all the time now, but I don’t have any friends here yet. I have found a couple of boys who I’m crushing on, though. One guy, in particular, is so freakin’ cute, he makes me soak my panties. When I found out that he was staying after class to work on some science homework, I figured I’d stay back, too. I couldn’t concentrate on my work at all, so I told him that I sometimes masturbate before doing homework because it helps me focus. One thing led to another and before I knew it I was naked on the desk and he was jacking off! I’d never actually seen a guy do that before, so it really turned me on.”

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