Blonde schoolgirl can’t focus on homework, so she decides to fuck her hung older tutor until he nuts on her adorable face.

Lovely little Lilith, dressed head-to-toe in her schoolgirl outfit, including thigh-high socks and cotton panties, is trying really hard to focus on her math homework. She’s staring at the pages, but the numbers just won’t make sense to her. See, she’s distracted by her tutor, her dad’s friend who offered to help bring up Lilith’s grades. Lilith is bored and sexually frustrated. Her pussy is tingling and soaking her panties every time her dad’s buddy gets frustrated at her. She likes when guys are forceful and dominant. Lilith decides to take matters (and the guy’s shlong) into her own hands. As she grips his package, already half-hard and quickly thickening, she begins to get nervous. How will this monster cock fit in her virgin slit? There’s only one way to find out.

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