Blonde Cheerleader Lexy Adams Shows Off Her Bush in the Locker Room

Lexy is a normal teen girl who just happens to want to show her body off in a mag. Lexy was born in Massachusetts and now lives in Florida. She likes to read and run, and when it comes to sports she roots for the Red Sox and Patriots. She was a good student and says her most-fun job was being a nanny . She’s a girl-next-door, except when it comes to her sexuality she’s anything but wholesome! “I like BDSM and domination.” She has a bush! It makes sense that Lexy would be sporting pubes. She’s a low maintenance, down-to-earth girl who finds her bush sexy . We find her bush sexy, too. Especially since it’s how we can tell she’s a natural blonde. Her pubes are just as golden as her locks. What’s the kinkiest thing you’ve ever done, Lexy? “I sort of had a three-way with my friend and her friend with benefits. I started off having sex with her while he watched. Then he jumped in and took turns on us. I know it’s not that kinky but I still have a lot to experience. I’d love it if someone tied me up and did dirty things to me’ cause that’s what I always fantasize about.”

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