Bared Braceface

Some girls are shy about their braces, but Karly’s tinsel teeth don’t hold her back at all! When we asked Karly if she has any special talents, she said, “I can usually make a guy finish within three minutes.” Now, that’s not unreasonable if it’s during sex. But Karly meant with her mouth. “I give really good head, or so I’ve been told. I believe them because they always cum fast. Some guys get nervous before I go down on them because of my braces, but once I start sucking they’re blown away. I’ve just learned how to work around having braces. I’ll probably be even better at sucking fuck stick once I get them off!” So she’s good at sucking, but how is she at fucking? If we had to go by looks alone, we would bet that pretty, tight slit of hers feels amazing wrapped around a dick. Looking down at her cute face and those tiny fun bags while you plow her teen pussy is probably also pretty nice. But we don’t have to go by looks alone because we’ve actually seen Karly fuck in our studio. We don’t want to give it all away (you’ll see the XXX pictorial soon), but suffice it to say that the guy’s cock was rock hard, his load was big and both of them were pleasantly spent at the end. Karly is a nerd, but she’s also a freak. “I’ve always wanted to fuck a guy who was dressed up as Spock. I have a thing for guys with pointy ears.” So she’s a Star Trek fan. She’s also a fan of swallowing (she thinks it’s good for you), eating pussy and group sex. “I’ve been in a four-way with another girl and two guys. And I’ve screwed a girlfriend while two guys watched. But what I really want is two guys all to myself.”

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