A Breast Feast With Krystal Swift

Krystal Swift. One of the top favorites at XLGirls and SCORELAND. A delightful, big-boobed beauty you can count on in every way. She’s a girl who believes in always keeping a positive outlook. This scene begins in bed with Krystal telling Stanley that she’s hungry and needs him to make some breakfast for her. Hungry yes, but not just for food. Krystal is hungry for a fat fuck stick to suck on. Man-meat makes her hungry for more. While she’s impatiently waiting for Stanley to bring in a plate, Krystal rubs her great big boobs. Stanley enters the bedroom with some goodies for Krystal and gives her a taste, but what she really wants is a good morning fuck. She swallows Stanley’s dick, savoring every inch. Stanley is hungry too. Hungry for Krystal’s big, soft fun bags to suck and fuck and her sweet, wet pussy to lick and fuck. They forget about food and give in to another craving. XLGirls: Krystal, you love sex and it shows on your face. What satisfies you the best? Krystal: I love everything about sex. XLGirls: How often do you have sex? Krystal: When I have a boyfriend, then three times per day. XLGirls: Your favorite position? Krystal: It depends on who I’m with but I like the classic style when I’m on top or doggie.

Models Featured: Krystal Swift,Stanley Johnson

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