Remi Ferdinand: What Would You Do?

Remi Ferdinand drives home but as soon as she parks, she realizes she’s lost her house keys. Problem number two: Remi has to go to the bathroom. She does that urgent walk that girls who have to pee really bad make and knocks on her neighbor’s door. Neighbor Josh lets Remi in, and while she’s busy, he calls his friend to tell him that his busty neighbor is using his bathroom. When Remi returns to the living room, she tells Josh she’ll have to wait until her husband gets home with another key. He invites her to stay until her guy gets home. She sits next to him and then asks him if it’s okay for her to take off her sweater. This guy does have a hot neighbor. Of course, it’s fine. He wouldn’t script a better situation if he could. Remi wears a white mesh one-piece under her sweater with a thong back. She bought it for her husband. Remi lets him know that she wants to try some “things” with her husband but she’s not certain if he’ll like what she has in mind. “You’re welcome to try those things on me,” he replies. Like a good neighbor, Josh is there. Remi thinks that’s a good idea. She’s a liberated girl in that way. She stands next to him and lowers her one piece so he can feel her big boobs and suck on her nipples. Remi drops to her knees to suck and tit-fuck his shlong. His hot neighbor is up for more than a blow job so she gets on her back and puts her legs in the air, spreading her hairy pussy for a deep, hard fuck. “I like to dance, draw, paint, rework clothing and play Xbox,” said Remi from Portland, Oregon. “I love wearing tight, low-cut tops. People always stare but I love it.”

Models Featured: Remi Ferdinand,Josh Rivers

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